Personal growth and confidence: Why chaos is a necessary condition

personal growth and confidence necessarily involves a certain element of chaos.Anyone who’ve worked with personal growth and confidence will recognize how we, in principle, let chaos itself into our lives by doing so.

For us humans, the world is, essentially, unpredictable.

There’s always the risk of getting run over, getting mugged, getting struck by disease, cardiac arrest, lightning, natural disasters, and whatnot.

(Yaaaay! This is FUN already!)

Now, this doesn’t mean we should be scared of stuff happening to us all the time, — let alone scared of anything at all. People who are governed by fear don’t really go places in life, true or true?

But we need to be aware of one rule that all too few people seem to be keeping in mind…:

The more you work on your personal growth and confidence, the more chaotic and unpredictable your life will be.

Think about it.

Growth, as they say, happens outside our comfort zone. Hypothetically, if we only do the things we’re used to, if we metrically follow one routine with no variations, we don’t learn and grow. We stagnate.


Personal growth and confidence does come at a cost.
Which, admittedly, CAN have a certain charm to it.

But it’s when we push ourselves along that proverbial extra mile that we put that strain on ourselves which is crucial in growing and learning.

If you wanna be able to lift more weight, you gotta start by taking just one more rep when you’ve got the routine down, and gradually increase the load.

If you wanna earn more money, you gotta spend time — and possibly money — to educate yourself so you’ll qualify for bigger positions or higher-profile clients.

If you wanna learn a new language, you gotta put in the hours, possibly buy lessons or courses, and put yourself in situations where you get to use the language.

And it’s when we go those new places that things become chaotic and unpredictable. It’s when you transcend your routines that you’re essentially going into as of yet unknown territory.

Not because chaos is a necessary condition in pumping another two pounds of iron. That in itself is pretty predictable.

But because personal growth and confidence tends to open new doors for us. In fact, that’s kinda the whole point, isn’t it??

I mean, why would anyone build confidence or learn any new skills if it wouldn’t increase certain opportunities for them, right?

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten. But when you try something new, you’ll start getting new results.

Now, of course there’s a certain inertia in personal growth and confidence building. Every beginning is hard, as they say. And this is exactly because of the friction that arises when moving into said unknown territory.


Personal growth and confidence awaits you where dragons lie.
Huh huh huh… “Friction.”

The good thing is, for the most part by far, this friction is all in our minds. No matter what you set out to do, in all likelihood you’re gonna be more than fine.

In fact, if you really, truly want it, you’re probably only gonna get stronger and more confident.


– Think of one area of your life in which you need go an extra step to get to the next level in the nearest future. This might be your career; your personal life; your social life; your relationship, etc..
– When you’ve found that one area, write down at least three specific actions you need to take.
– This week, set aside one hour to do the most important of these actions.

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