Giving up is for losers

Giving up is the only, 100% surefire guaranteed way to lose.If you ever feel like giving up, here’s a little something to think about: What do 100% of everyone who give up have in common?

Please read on as you ponder this question.

When I claim that ‘giving up is for losers’, I’m not being pretentiously cynical. On the contrary, I’m being as literal as possible.

You see, when you give up on something, losing is inevitable. Losing, by definition, is a direct consequence of giving up.

We might have many a good reason for giving up on something. We might find out it’s not what we really want — or need. Maybe we don’t want it bad enough to hone the necessary skills. Maybe it didn’t align with our personal values.

But whatever the reason for quitting, it will necessarily mean not succeeding.

So, reversely, does this mean that simply keeping at something will necessarily result in success?

Actually… Yeah, pretty much!

Of course, there are parameters that need to be in order. You gotta know what you’re doing. You gotta do the right things, and preferably in the right sequence.

But you’re not gonna succeed unless you keep at it, and never, ever give up.

This is what having a strong confidence will help you do.

Think of it like this: Hypothetically, if you have exactly ZERO confidence in yourself, how far are you going to get in life?

Yeah, pretty much nowhere. Because, if you believe you literally can’t do anything whatsoever, why would you even bother?

But just imagine what it would be like if you had the highest possible level of confidence in the world.

Man, you’d be out there. Struggling. Sucking up blow upon devastating blow; getting on your feet over and over. Making no excuses; persisting no matter what.


Because you’d not only think, but know that success was inevitable.

And you know what? Sometimes, this is kind of what not giving up feels like. (And, just to clear all doubt: It feels terrific.)

By now, you might have guessed the obvious answer to the initial question: What do 100% of everyone who give up have in common?

That’s right: THEY LOSE.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t abandon any project that no longer serves you? Of course not!

I kept holding on to my education for years. Because there was a part of me that would feel like I’d suffer defeat if I didn’t get my master’s degree. But when I finally took the decision of letting it go and becoming an entrepreneur, it was the best thing I’d ever done for myself.

Now, I’m not taking any responsibility if you all decide to drop out after reading this. But I’m saying that whatever we need to never give up on should, ideally, be something that matters so much to us that giving up on it really would be a defeat.

There are enough losers as it is. Don’t become one.

Now, as for what you should be forever devoted to, that’s entirely up to you. 😉

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Three magic words for depression and tough times

No matter how deep your depression, there's always a light at the end of the dark. Whether we see it or not. If you’ve never experienced depression, consider yourself lucky. But show me one human being who does not profess to at least having been upon hard times, and I’ll show you a liar.

(Well, either that or one lucky bastard.)

Even the bigshots, the Sylvester Stallones and Tony Robbinses of this world, will tell you that they did most certainly not get where they are today without having to endure goodies like stress, depression, financial rock-bottom, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles galore up front.

So, then, what’s their secret?

While there certainly isn’t one single answer to that one, I believe there’s somewhat of a common denominator.

When normal people face hard challenges, they usually give in, give up, adapt to their new circumstances, and/or simply let things run their course.

Look at the number of people with depression in the US. It’s alarming, and it goes to show that not many people actively do something to change their current circumstances rather than let their current circumstances have their way with them.

Of course, as in the case of depression, this can be totally understandable. Sometimes we simply can’t. Sometimes things need to run their course. And sometimes, like with most depressions, it really DOES get better.

Of course, we should always try to take action whenever possible. Even though things seem futile and hopeless, there’s often something we can do to improve our situation. But however things are, we could always use some encouragement.

For those darkest of days, I’ve found this quaint little reminder. I used it a fortnight ago when I was seriously ill. Usually, I have a kickass immune system, but I felt like I literally might need extensive medical treatment, and that I was in grave danger. I mean, it was messed up.

And so, while impotently slumping on the couch like a sack of rotten apples, trembling with cold and quietly mewling from aching joints and muscles, I continually forced this one mantra through my near-feverishly-delirious mind:


Remember those three words. Because it’s these words – or any equivalent thereof – which goes through the minds of great people who endure and overcome stuff more wicked than you and I can imagine.

I’ve used this mantra before, but never so intensely as the other week. And while it doesn’t do anything to better one’s current predicament, it really does help on one’s awareness and outlook.


Neither summers nor winters last. The inevitable march of time does not give two shits about you, me, or anyone else. (And we all end up dying, and there’s no Santa Claus.)

But getting stuck in a negative focus is all too easy, and we probably all know this all too well. And so, oftentimes, we could use an anchor connecting us to the positive side of things.

“But what about people who have terminal cancer, or AIDS, or [insert deadly illness of your choosing]?”

Well, there’s not one saying that applies to every imaginable situation. What I’m saying is that whenever one comes upon harsh circumstances, chances are that things WILL get better.

And no matter how bleak things appear, we need to know it, and to act like it. Because that way, we set ourselves up to win. And otherwise, we set ourselves up to lose.

So the next time you fall upon a seemingly dark period, remember those three words:

This will pass“.

Let them be your light in the dark. Because, whether you can see it or not, the light really is there.

We just gotta know it, remember it, and live by it. Only then can we move with safety and confidence.

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