The law of attraction: Thoughts upon a kind of personal case study

You’ve probably heard about the ‘law of attraction’, and how we can use visualization as an aid to attain our goals and dreams in life, right?

I think the whole phenomenon of ‘law of attraction’ has gotten a bad rep since “The Secret” became household.

It seems like basically a lot of bored, middle-aged housewives saw it and then just started imagining themselves having stacks of money without doing any actual work towards earning any.

Only, of course, to eventually lose their patience and blame it on the movie and the whole idea of visualization. Like any clueless outsider when initially presented with something which they don’t yet know how to use.


Well… Here’s where it gets interesting.

I’ve been wanting to move to Málaga for about a year. So last spring, I got this neat little picture as a background on my laptop and iPad:

The law of attraction: This picture helped me realize and utilize its power.

It is, of course, a view of the beautiful city that is Málaga.

Now, compare with this picture which I’ve snapped myself recently…:

Having visions for yourself is a funny ol’ thing, isn’t it?

When a commercialized product like “The Secret” hits the stores along with its big, salesy promise, it will, necessarily get picked up by a majority of people who will CONSUME it but not USE it.

Because the sad fact is, that’s what the majority of people do. They read a book, go to a seminar, buy an online course, consume it, and then do nothing.

Even the good people behind those books, seminars and courses recognize this. (But of course, it’s not exactly something that sounds good in their sales pitches.)

And another problem is, of course, that some people kinda “try it” for a few weeks or months and then get discouraged and bitter when nothing happens. So they blame the people who try to teach HOW the law of attraction works.

This is why having a clear vision and taking consistent, relevant action is the key to achieving anything. (Which, in turn, is why coaching is so powerful.)

Now, I’m not saying that I — or anyone else for that matter — can logically explain how having a background picture of Málaga has somehow helped me get here.

It probably has to do with keeping focus. Eyes on the prize and all. And it probably has to do with something in my subconsciousness. (Hell, what doesn’t?)

But really, I don’t care. Because the important thing is that this whole law of attraction thing actually works. Whether we like it or not.

It’s in effect whether you let it, or whether you don’t.

Whatever you want, get specific on it. The clearer you can picture it, the better.

And start taking action towards it NOW.

There’s always something you can do. And whatever you do, the closer you’ll get.

Or, you know, you could just lie around and picture it, and se what good that’ll do you.

Your call.

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