Why the long break?

Hi everyone!

So, some of you might be wondering why I haven’t been doing any blog posts for a while.

I’d love to be able to tell you something really cool. E.g. I’ve been on an important mission for an undercover intelligence agency, or I’ve been three weeks in Mumbai for an intense kama sutra course.

The truth is, though, I’ve simply been enjoying the summer and hitting the festivals for this season. (Probably none that you know of, by the way.). So, yeah, I guess that’s not entirely uncool after all.

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer as well. And I hope that this season finds you as strong and confident as possible, and that you’re working towards the life you truly deserve. The way that certain world leaders seem to be acting right now, we need more confident people on a grassroots level.

People like you and me.

I wanna take this opportunity to thank you for coming back here for more of my thoughts and advice. Having a following really does mean a lot to me. (Even if you’re just one of Google’s crawler bots.) So thank you.

And rest assured that I’ll be coming back soon with more confidence-building thoughts, lists, tips, ideas and advice. If everything goes according to plan, there’s gonna be more motivation, inspiration and empowerment for you sometime next week.

Also, in the near future, I’ll be adding a ressource page to my site. On there, I’ll be gathering tools, lists, quotes, possibly links to future collaborators etc.. However, it’ll be a work in progress, and I’m not gonna be launching it until I’ve amassed enough ressources for it to make sense. So don’t hold yer breath.

And on a longer scale, there are other, greater things on the way as well. Hold yer breath even less for those, though.

Oh, and the next time I suddenly go into vacation mode, I’ll try to let you know beforehand. 😉

‘Till next time…

Rise above.

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