Find your inner strength and purpose

In my special Find Your Inner Strength and Purpose session, I will help you by…

 – Creating an ultra-clear vision for how you want your life to be, and a plan for you to get there.

 – Digging into your mind a little. Discovering the ideas and habits that have been holding you back. Dissolving them.

 – Making sure that you’re ready to go in the direction of your dreams. Strong, safe, confident, motivated and inspired.


Specifically, we’ll talk through Skype or Facebook. These sessions are usually an hour, but schedule an hour and a half. And make sure it’s not right before anything important. I wanna make sure that you get the absolute most value possible.

Basically, what you’ll be getting is the help you’ve always needed to design the free, successful life you’ve always wanted. You’ll get crystal-clear on your vision of personal and financial success and freedom, and you’ll stop doubting and second-guessing yourself.

You’ll no longer compare yourself to others You’ll learn to let go of worry and regret, and replace them with motivation, energy, focus, confidence, and faith in yourself and your successful, entrepreneurial future.

You’ll leave the session like a new person. Energized, inspired, and excited about finally getting to live your free and independent dream life.

Sound priceless? Yeah, I think so too.

So, normally, the hourly rate for pretty much any life coach is usually around $100-$150…

(And yes: Of course I wouldn’t do this if it weren’t making me money.)

But money’s not my primary motivation, and I really do wanna help you. So I’ve decided to give you one of these sessions for less than half of that $100.

… $39. That’s it.

So, not only is $39 an extraordinarily low hourly rate for any coach, but compared to what you’re getting out of this session it’s peanuts.

Sign up to Find Your Inner Strength and Purpose using the form below.

Let’s do this.

– Andy


Note: To avoid high demand issues, the $39 Find Your Inner Strength and Purpose sessions are limited to one per customer only.

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